Healthy Weight Loss Program
Central Illinois Weight Loss

Yes, you can! When you're ready to lose weight, improve your health, appearance, and lifestyle, Physician's Choice Wellness is here to help in the Decatur areas of Mt. Zion & Forsyth, and Effingham, Vandalia, and Taylorville.

We have developed a comprehensive non-surgical, weight loss program to help you lose weight quickly* and safely. Physician's Choice Wellness will teach you how to eat healthily, incorporate exercise and change behaviors associated with eating.

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When you’re ready to improve your health, appearance, and lifestyle, Physician’s Choice Wellness is here to help you lose weight* safely and effectively.

The Physician’s Choice Wellness Team is compassionate, understanding, educated, and trained to help you improve your health by lowering your BMI (body mass index)* and maintaining the new you, month after month.

We host FREE Orientations every month to help you get started with no obligation.

About Our Healthy Weight Loss Program

Is it time for a change?

You are not alone. If you’ve tried diets for weight loss but were frustrated at trying to go it alone, we can help you. Our team works with you to help you achieve the healthy lifestyle and effective weight reduction you desire.

We recognize that there are thousands of programs available to help you lose weight. Many of these programs offer a “quick fix” to weight loss. Anyone who has started this journey knows that there is nothing quick about it. Often times, our relationship with food is deeply rooted within us and can not be truly corrected until we spend some time digging into ourselves.

With Physician’s Choice Wellness, we encourage this level of realization and understanding so that we can truly get to the root of the problem. This is the precise reason why having a team of dietitians, life coaches and exercise specialists are needed to address all aspects of our journey


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Benefits of Choosing Our Program
  • Safe weight loss program supervised by a Physician and/or Nurse Practitioner
  • Required weekly, in-person visits with an experienced health care team
  • Regular support and care from registered dietitians, life coaches and exercise specialists
  • Strong emphasis on education and lifestyle changes that stick
  • Continued support at NO COST to you to help you maintain your weight loss
  • Flexible visit schedule
  • Many accessible locations throughout Illinois
  • Most services billable to insurance

On the fence about bariatric surgery?—we can provide pre- and post-operative care. We are a complimentary service to bariatric surgery; not necessarily an alternative to it. Also, we are what insurance companies are looking for when they require 6 or 12 months in a medically-monitored weight management program prior to insurance approval for the procedure.

Our Programs

Our Healthy & Happy Clients

“Today, I am healthier, more physically fit, and a much happier, far more content man. I could not have accomplished this on my own—it was the compassion and support of the terrific dieticians, life-style counselors, and staff at PCW that saw me through this miraculous transition. It was not an easy road to get where I am today—15 months AFTER I finished the weight loss program.”
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Mark D. Barthelemy, Chief of Police (RETIRED)
Lost 65 lbs in 21.5 weeks*

“Mrs. Anderson is a leader in obesity management, especially in establishing many of her satellite clinics, and has provided her advice for our weight management clinic and dozens of others across the country. She has exceptional business and communication skills as well as being highly regarded by her clinical staff. I have extreme confidence in her vision and her continued successes.”
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Christopher Case, MD, Jefferson City Medical Group

“When I started the program at PCW, I weighed in at just over 400 pounds. I was having trouble sleeping, moving and I didn’t really feel good about myself. While I was a bit scared of the big changes the program would bring to my life, I knew it was time to do something about my weight… at the time of my writing this, I have lost 136 pounds*. I have entered the “sustaining” phase of the program, but I am far from done. PCW has helped me get to a point where I know I can succeed in looking and feeling the way that I want.”
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Geno Reynolds, The Reel Opinion, WAND-TV
Lost 136 pounds*