Barbi’s Story

Barbi Gubbins

Lost 80 Pounds* and Now Runs Marathons

I was not overweight as a child and I was in the military for 8 years and never saw myself as having a problem with my weight. After raising 3 children which all came back to back, the first two being 11 months apart, I think I just gave up on getting my old figure back. You know it’s the excuses like it’s baby fat, or I can’t work out, I have bad knees, etc.

I was convinced if I never looked in a mirror or got in front of the camera or on a scale, then I must have been okay.

Barbi After

So how can I put into words what PCW [Physician’s Choice Wellness] means to me? It is one of the hardest tasks made easy by some pretty awesome people! Here I was living in a world of denial not living on the outside of my body. I was convinced if I never looked in a mirror or got in front of the camera or on a scale, then I must have been okay. I went through some life changing moves and hardships and truly lost who I was and who I wanted to be.

Well I had a revelation after reconnecting with my now husband after 22 years and seeing him take strides in trying to make a change at his highest weight of 460 lbs. We knew each other in the Navy and we both did not have any weight issues back then. But here we were, we let life get the best of us and we let ourselves go. We quit on us and why?? Because it was too hard right??

Barbi Before

I tried so many fad diets...purchased exercise equipment that became coat racks...

I tried so many fad diets so many buy this gimmicks. Joined gyms I never went to and purchased countless exercise equipment that became coat racks. I went to the Doctor thinking I surely had to have something medically wrong with me and that is why I was at my heaviest a size 22. The doctor said nope you are healthy and obese. I had to swallow a reality pill called what I had was I was LAZY!!!!

After moving to Illinois and sharing the passion of wanting to change my life with my husband, we soon found out about PCW we both were very skeptical, but what did I have to lose?

80 lbs lost later I am a size 10 and I have become a runner...

The only thing I had to lose was the weight!!! I had already lost my self, with a leap of faith we gave them a try and I am so thankful that we did!! At 80 lbs lost* later I am a size 10 and I have become a runner something I would have never tried to do at any time in my life!! I have run an Ultra Marathon, 2 Full Marathons, 4 Half Marathons and countless other distance races in the past year and a half. I only accomplished these things because PCW helped me realize I could!

I may have lost the weight but what I gained was self-worth, self-confidence and a lifelong support system and friends that I cannot put a value on! PCW believed in me and that is what we all need, we just need to know that we have someone in our corner and someone that will be there when we fall to get us back on track!! So two years later maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just an everyday thing I use the tools that I gained with the program. I truly believe that my life was saved when I made that leap 2 years ago! Thank you PCW!!”