Bill’s Story

Bill Gubbins

Bill After
Bill running a marathon after losing over 150 pounds

Lost 150 pounds in the first year*

“I started my journey with PCW [Physician’s Choice Wellness] at 385 pounds in October of 2011 and by the time October of 2012 rolled around I had lost 150 pounds* and was running and completing my first Marathon. My wife had joined me for the journey and through the professional support, education and never faulting caring of the staff at PCW we were not only transformed but educated.”

I was desperate. I was on my way to the grave...

“When I came to PCW in 2011 I was on high blood pressure medication and just looking for help. I was desperate. Back in 2009 I had reached my highest weight ever of 460 pounds. I had managed to lose some of the weight on my own, through exercise, when I had gotten to PCW but I had stalled in my weight loss for a year and I knew if I didn’t do something I would gain back what I had lost and put more weight back on like I had for so many times before. That had become the vicious circle that I had found myself in over the last decade of my life.

Bill Before
Bill Before

I was stuck in a rut that exercise alone could not get me out of and if I didn’t do something new my life was never going to be what I wanted and needed it to be. I was on my way to the grave.”

I love walking through those doors...

“Losing the weight, if you follow the program, is the easy part of the program. Learning to accept the responsibility for what you have done to yourself, the willingness to learn new habits and accept a new lifestyle to maintain the loss is actually harder. There are is no amount of support that you will need that is not available and we had other clients in the classes that we could talk to and share our experiences with as well. The amount of support, and the true honest caring of the staff is and was always a pleasant surprise to me. I love walking through those doors.”

I left my high blood pressure behind years ago...

“I have maintained my weight loss with my wife for over two years now* and have a new athletic life style that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I recently completed a 100 mile foot race in under 24 hours and I left my high blood pressure medication behind years ago. I now look forward to knowing my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I used the opportunity they offered, I did the work but I couldn’t of done it without PCW. They are a blessed tool that can change your life if you have the courage to use it.”