Chris R.’s Story

About 3 1/2 years ago, I went through some hard times personally…everyone does…but coupled with the fact that I wasn’t leading the most healthy of lifestyles, I had ballooned in weigh to 309 lbs.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…and yes, most radio people are overweight. We sit around a lot, long hours, not a lot of exercise – the whole cliche “nine yards”

But I had to make a change, and I did. I found the folks at Physician’s Choice Wellness. They’re located in Illinois where I was the Operations Manager for a 4 station radio group. I was encouraged to try the program, blog my progress (and setbacks) and share my journey with listeners and readers.

I started the program in May 2013. By October 2013 I was down to 235 lbs* – almost 75 lbs lost in 5 months* – and I felt (and looked) terrific. Moving to NY, more personal struggles, work stress – you name it…and I found myself back up to 273 lbs.

273 lbs is where I started my new journey – on November 1st.

Go online to PCW Online for more info on how they can help you look & feel the best you should be. Don’t kid yourself – YOU DESERVE THIS! Make a change today! And let them know that Chris Russell from WGWE in Salamanca said so!