Chris’s Story

Chris After

Chris Bullock

Has kept off 90 pounds for Three Years*

“I lost 80 pounds in 16 weeks* and have kept it off, plus an additional 10 more pounds, for 3 years*. My diabetes medicine, cholesterol medicine and high blood pressure meds were all reduced as a result of the weight loss.”

“I feel better…I think I look better and have more self-confidence. I don’t have to look for special sizes, and I can buy clothes more easily than before. My suits look and feel better.”

Physician's Choice Wellness (PCW) Makes You Feel Safe

“PCW covers all of the bases…from a life coach who helps you adapt to your new lifestyle…to a dietitian that helps you make smart eating choices…to an exercise physiologist who teaches you different ways to exercise…and it’s a medically monitored program by a nurse and doctors.

Chris Before

Makes you feel safe about what it is that the plan does.”

“I had tried a few other weight loss programs and had some success, but never was able to maintain and keep the weight off. PCW gave me the tools that I needed to be successful, confident, and able to keep the weight off for good*.”

“The team really cares about your individual progress. They are there for you every step of the way. I have recommended PCW to many people, without hesitation.”