Dan’s Story

Lost 60 pounds in 3 months*

Dan – Before and Dan – After
Dan – Before and Dan – After

“I had come to point where I knew I had to make a change. In mid-January of this year, I had to take a long look at where I was and where I wanted to be.

My doctors’ visits in 2014 had the same result each time: more medication, more health problems, and a discussion about losing weight. I was so caught up in life I didn’t realize how far I had gotten away from who I was, and how bad my health was. I needed to train. I needed to go back to basics and understand what I was doing wrong. I needed to create a new mindset for myself. That is what PCW gave me.

When I explain my journey to people, I don’t talk about the flavor of the shakes or the struggles associated with not having food for a period of time, but I talk about coming to understand the poor habits I had created for myself. I talk about the lessons and discussions I had with the PCW team that helped me get back to the person I wanted to be. I usually laugh and discuss missing a couple meals and sitting out a few meetings, sometimes beating myself up mentally about snacking, or going over my calorie goals. As soon as I lost some weight, found what worked for me, and asked a lot of questions, I fell into a groove and I went from saying, “I could never do that,” to “I’m killing this.” It was exciting. I was more willing to partake in social activities.

I went from saying, 'I could never do that,' to 'I’m killing this.'

Working out was no longer a burden, but something fun, and I had one amazing day replacing my wardrobe. My co-workers would often comment on the physical changes, but what meant so much to me was the conversations where they told me I was no longer distant. I was more available and willing. I had no idea I had closed people off, avoided stairs, and hid myself when uncomfortable in my own clothes.

Today, life is better. It’s better for me, my family, and the world around me. Being healthy is the choice I made, PCW gave me the education, support, and path to get there.”

As a result of joining the PCW program and his hard work Dan has lost around 60-65 lbs. in 3.5 months* (Jan. 25th- Early May). He has been at his healthy weight almost one month. Dan was taking three blood pressure pills, sometimes 4 a day when he started but now takes 1 pill, at a lower dose.

His health has improved drastically. Dan reports that he has more energy and less stress. Every day minor pains and the side effects of high blood pressure are completely gone.

Have you been in the same “boat” as Dan when you visit your doctor? More meds, more health concerns? Call us today and sign up for your FREE orientation today just like Dan did a few months ago!