Debbie’s Story

Debbie – After

Debbie Clark

Lost 43 lbs in 9 months*

I started my PCW (Physician’s Choice Wellness) journey June 8, 2014, almost 9 months ago! To date I have lost 43 lbs*! I have been at my healthy weight for about 6 weeks now but I am still working on my goal weight, or should I say my goal, it isn’t a weight. Even though I wasn’t on any type of restrictions or anything like that when I started the program, I have noticed numerous improvements in my overall daily life. Climbing up the stairs has become easier instead of a chore, my husband says that I have stopped snoring at night and I love to run and already my strength and timing have improved. I can’t wait for spring to get here so I can really get out there!

PCW (Physician’s Choice Wellness) was so easy to start and stay with! I had tried other programs and this one just fit into my lifestyle. The replacements for the most part all tasted great. As a matter of fact I had a hard time keeping some of my family from devouring some of them! All of the staff was fantastic, I feel like I have added a whole new branch of my family! If I am feeling bummed about something all I have to do is pick up the phone and call or text or message one of them and it isn’t too long before I have had a conversation with someone that has brightened my day or come up with the answers to my problem or question!

Debbie – Before

Now I don't mind looking in the mirror...

I know that I have made friends for life! PCW has given me a new outlook on life! I was starting to really second guess myself on whether my life’s journey was really a journey or just a dead end. I wasn’t pleased with my body image and it seemed no matter what I did it wasn’t changing if not just getting worse! Now I don’t mind looking in the mirror, I don’t mind putting on those skinny running clothes! I still haven’t gotten into the “I am thin” mode, but I’m getting there. I think that will take a while, but it is coming!”

“I wanted to be able to wear my wedding and engagement rings again…”

My biggest goal when starting the program wasn’t a pound goal (although my doctors gave me a weight goal). Mine was that I wanted to be able to wear my wedding and engagement rings again that I hadn’t been able to wear in almost 20 years! Guess what, I am now sporting my engagement ring and the wedding band is close behind, maybe by our 40th anniversary on May 1st!