Janice’s Story

Janice Small

Lost 48 Pounds in 8 Months*

Janice – After

I have lost 48 pounds* since joining PCW [Physician’s Choice Wellness]. I just reached my goal one week ago.
With my weight loss I have been able to stop taking the two blood pressure medications that I was on, and have seen two reductions in my thyroid medication. My weight loss has helped me to feel better physically. I don’t have problems with my back hurting like I used to, and can walk without being short of breath, and having pain in my legs.

I No Longer Have to Buy Plus Size Clothing

Going shopping for clothes is a lot more fun. I’m able to wear stuff that I never thought I would, and I no longer have to buy plus size clothing.”
I have tried many diets, but would only lose a small amount of weight, and then would get frustrated and return to my unhealthy eating habits, which led to regaining the weight I had lost.

Janice - Before
Janice – Before

They (Physician's Choice Wellness) Don't Make You Feel Guilty

The PCW staff do not make you feel guilty when you’ve had a bad week, and made unhealthy choices or didn’t stick with the program. They help you figure out how you can do better the next time, and what was going on that led to the unhealthy choice or going off the program. The weekly classes are a huge help in learning to make healthy choices.

I Feel Proud of Myself for Finally Losing Weight

The staff at PCW are super supportive. The medical staff, exercise specialist, dietitian, and life style coach are always available to answer any questions that you have, and help with any obstacles you are facing. The support from the PCW staff was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal. With PCW I can finally say I have reached my goal, which is huge for me. I feel proud of myself for finally being successful at losing weight*.