Jessica’s Story

Jessica -- After
Jessica — After

Jessica Conlin
Lost 60 pounds in 4 months*

Jessica’s health improvements have been that she is “able to run now” and is “able to play with her kids a lot more now” and she just “feels a lot better” over all!

She also feels the biggest strength of PCW (Physician’s Choice Wellness) is “the support from the staff.”

I had a lot of success on PCW after years and years of trying everything I could to lose weight.

Jessica -- Before
Jessica — Before

I’m so happy I found a program that was able to help me be successful at losing weight. As a mother and a nurse practitioner, it’s really important to me that I be a good role model for my children and patients. I feel like I can finally be that role model.”

I actually left the mall, crying tears of joy because I was able to shop in the regular sizes (not plus size) and got a size 13/14. Which is AMAZING.

[I] lost 60 pounds in 4 months* with 50 more pounds to go.”