Marvin’s Story

Marvin Before & AfterMarvin has lost 103 lbs with PCW

Marvin always comes to PCW focused and eager to hear what class is about. He really absorbs the information, even asking questions often! He has not had a single weight gain this whole time on the program, including through all of the holidays and his birthday!

Marvin was concerned that his health insurance did not cover the cost of the PCW program, but he wanted to make an investment in himself. He quickly saw the costs of the program are offset by cost savings on food and groceries that he did not have to spend.

He now notices he has more energy and a better quality of life. “What’s the price for your health?” he now asks people that wonder about the cost.

Marvin says his biggest life change is having more energy and being able to do more than in the past. He said that the PCW team is very supportive and answered any questions he had along the way. He did this for himself, his wife and his kids. His youngest child had never seen him “skinny.”

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