Rob P’s Story

Rob P.
Lost 42 pounds in 11 weeks*

Rob P. has lost 42 pounds. Congratulations Rob on a job well done!
Rob P. has lost 42 pounds*. Congratulations Rob on a job well done!

“I had changed jobs and the new job was much more sedentary. I reached a new high weight. I not only needed to lose weight, but needed to learn how to eat less and maintain that. I chose PCW because I have several friends who had success losing and keeping the weight off.

I lost 42 pounds in 11 weeks*. I have been maintaining this new weight for 6 weeks* now. I am enjoying being more active, and I like to ride my bike as transportation when it’s feasible. My clothes once again fit the way they are intended to. The main help for me with this program is the education in helping me prepare to maintain this weight loss. I have done other programs and gained the weight back, but this program is designed to derail that.

The staff at PCW are incredible! They take joy in being a cheerleader as well as a resource for you. If you are considering this journey, you will not be disappointed, take that first step through the door and begin the transformation.”