Rob’s Story

Lost 100 pounds in just 4 months*

Rob Before and Rob After
Rob Before and Rob After

“Before starting the program, I had a irregular EKG and heart issues. I weighed in at 303, and I was on high blood pressure medicine and using a sleep apnea machine. I gave my total commitment to the program and never varied. The rapid weight lost kept me motivated, and I lost 100 pounds in just 4 months*.

One key strategy was to keep myself busy and prepared with product when everyone else was eating through the holidays. I totally look at food differently now than when I started the program. I am making wise choices. An example: instead of eating a whole bag of chips, I now reach for carrots.

I have been at my healthy weight since March 1, 2015. When I started PCW I was on two blood pressure medicines, but I am now completely off them both. The doctor took my sleep apnea machine away when I lost about 70 pounds*. I have way more energy than I did prior to the diet. One big thing that helped me the most were that PCW is medically supervised and it allowed me to lose the weight safely.”

If you’ve tried diets for weight loss but were frustrated at trying to go it alone, we can help you. Our team works with you to help you achieve the healthy lifestyle and effective weight reduction you desire*.