Steve’s & Tara’s Story

Steve & Tara Nickerson

Steve & Tara - After
Steve & Tara – After

Lost 40 and 50 lbs*

“Steve and I started PCW together in mid-September. We were both feeling frustrated by being overweight and having no energy. We also knew that it was well past time for us to get healthy. Steve especially needed to lose the extra weight that was adding stress to his heart. He has a genetic predisposition to heart disease and by the age of 40 had already had a triple bypass and 2 stent placement surgeries.

To date, I have lost 40 lbs* and Steve has lost 50 lbs*. We have been so blessed to have the opportunity to work with PCW’s [Physician Choice Wellness’s] amazing staff. The accountability and ease of using their meal replacements made this plan a great fit for us.

One Meal and One Work-out at a Time...

Steve & Tara - Before
Steve & Tara – Before

We are learning to tackle the task of being healthier one meal and one workout at a time. We have both added cardio and strength training back into our weekly workout schedules and are starting to see such a difference! We can’t say enough about how fantastic the people and program are at PCW [Physician’s Choice Wellness]. We are so very grateful!”