Tarra’s Story


Tarra After
Tarra After

Lost 120 pounds lost in 8 months

Tarra was able to lose 120 pounds lost in 8 months and has been very active in our Sustaining level for 4 months at her healthy weight. She no longer needs to take blood pressure medication and now has normal sugar levels.

I was unable to secure my seat belt on the plane...

“I had been overweight for quite some time but in the last few years I had what I call two defining moments. The first one was taking a trip, I was unable to secure my seat belt on the plane. It was devastating for me to have to ask for the extension on the seat belt, so that really stuck with me.

The other defining moment was heart-related health issues. I was ran through a battery of tests and didn’t hear back for a few days, so of course I thought nothing was wrong…..not true.

Tarra Before
Tarra Before

The doctor called me herself and had me back in the office to start on meds.

She [the doctor] told me if I didn’t get the weight off I was taking about ten years off my life. I decided it was time to get healthy for my kids and my grand kids.

I went to the free orientation at PCW (which was a little scary) but I meant business and signed up that night and I have never looked back. I can now play with my grand kids in the backyard, ride my bike and the knee pain I had has improved dramatically.

Physician's Choice Wellness gave me my life back...

The team at PCW is awesome! I cannot say enough good things about each and every person that is there. Each one helped me out in some way…..emotional coaching, tips or advice and just listening and advising on exercise and nutrition. I feel great and of course love shopping anywhere I want! PCW gave me my life back and I cannot sing enough praises about all of the people there and what they do!”